Announcement – 2018 IFCS Development Team

The selection committee and coaching staff are excited to announce our new Development Team members! Together we will work to build the future success of our international team.

This is much more than an honorary selection – it is a training position. The Development Team will train alongside the IFCS World Team as they prepare for the 2018 World Agility Championships. They will build their future in high level competitions and international events! They will train with the Team online as well as attend the main practice as an auditor. One of our goals is to put together regional practices where Development Team members can also work their dogs.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s IFCS Development Team!


  • Ivette White and Roxy
  • Debbie Wren and Soleil
  • Chelsea Davang and Zinger
  • Abby Zerm and Jayce
  • Heather Witt-Sullivan and Rowan


  • Janina Vickers and Puzzle
  • Pam Caldwell and Arrow
  • Carla McAlister and Wink
  • Judy Reilly and Tempest
  • Lisa Topol and Plop
  • Tacarra Andrade and Blazin’ Doggie
  • Kim Neff and Vegas
  • Beth Martin and Keen


  • Kimber Chase and Hurley
  • Catherine Laria and Blizzard
  • Kim Dowis and Bendetta
  • Mary Shaw and Hoot
  • Nicki Houghton and Ritz
  • Brenda Kelly and Deja Vu
  • Jenna Williams and Maddie
  • Jessica Ajoux and Fame(US)
  • Merritt Speagle and Phenomenom


  • Jacqueline Wilhelmy and Obi
  • Soshana Dos and Glance/Knack
  • Kyle Schumacher and Stomp
  • Stacy Goudy and Rook/Journey
  • Cathy Irvine and Totem
  • Kama Rueschenberg and Popeye
  • Kelsey Kirkpatrick and Legit
  • Rebecca Thrift and Score
  • Danielle Davis and Desmond
  • Laurie Zurborg and Ticket
  • Kaimen Miller and Banshee
  • Jennifer Martin and Michael/Jimmy