Presenting the 2019 Team USA

Congratulations to all of our team members who will represent the United States at the 2019 IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC).

Former WAC Gold Medalist and 2018 Assistant Coach Andy Mueller will be returning as the head coach.  Helping Andy will be Assistant Coach Jessica Ajoux, Team Manager Diann Gastley, Assistant Team Manager Heather Reinkmeyer, Fundraising Coordinator Michele Reinkemeyer, Travel Coordinator Courtney Keys, and Massage Ken Bain.

The complete list of team members is:

30cm (12″)

Ivette White & Roxy

Jeremy Gerhard & Maverick

40cm (16″)

Ami Sheffield & Pixel*

Beth Martin & Keen

Chip Gerfen & Trudi*

Giuliana Lund & Rukia

Lisa Topol & Plop

Mary Doughtery & Marti


50cm (20″)

Brenda Kelly & Déjà vu

Cynthia Hornor & Spice

Melanie Miller & Integrity

Tawni Burknap & Little Sparkle


60cm (24″)

Barb Davis & Flex

Cathy Irvine & Totem

Karen Holik & Zenn*

Kathy Wells & Fargo

Melanie Rock & Puma

Perry DeWitt & Verb*

Stacie Cwik & Uno

Tawni Burknap & Jolt



Amber McCune & Kaboom! (60cm)

Beth Rogers & Ryot (30cm)

Kimberly Chase & Hurley (50cm)

Pam Reid & Snafu (40cm)

Rachel Sanders & Bright (50cm)


*Past Medalist