Team USA – 2010

May 14-16, 2010, Clevedon, North Somerset, UK


12″ Class

Angie Benacquisto & Duncan, Toy Fox Terrier
Bronze Medal, Biathlon class

Daneen Fox & Masher, Papillon
Gold Medal, Individual Snooker

Janelle Julyan & Eve, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Silver Medal, Individual Standard
4th place, Biathlon class

16″ Class

Angie Benacquisto & Dylan, Rat Terrier
Gold Medal, Individual Snooker
Silver Medal, Individual Jumpers

Rhonda Koeske & Tack, Mix Breed
13th in Individual All-round

Suzanne Wesley & Sonic, Minature Poodle
5th Individual Gamblers

Elizabeth Evans & Hemi, Pyrenean Shepherd (injured)

22″ Class

Elise Lynch & Ting, Border Collie
4th Biathlon class
Top 10 for the Individual all-round.

Kate Moureaux & Driven, Border Collie
4th Team Jumpers
6th Individual Standard

Stephanie Spyr & Rage, Border Collie
1st Individual Standard

26″ Class

Roseanne DeMascio & Drifter, Border Collie
Gold Medal, Individual Gamblers
1st in Team Standard
4th Biathlon
5th in Individual Snooker

Dudley Fontaine & Maverick, Border Collie

Ann Zarr & Skylar, Border Collie
Silver Medal, Individual All-Around Class
Silver Medal, Individual Jumpers
2nd Team Jumpers
6th Individual Gamblers
7th Individual Snooker

Photo courtesy of ETS Photo.