Team USA – 2014

May 8-11, 2014, Laag-Soeren, The Netherlands

2014 IFCS Team

 Team members were selected at the Continental Championship of the Americas based on scores from the event and combined scores from the CCOA and the Cynosport World Games.

12 inches

Andy Mueller and Crackers – Gold Medal Individual Standard, Biathlon, All Around. Silver Medal Individual Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers
Daneen Fox and Masher
Ivette White and Zip – Bronze Medal Biathlon
Monique Plinck and Tiki
Linda Womer and Sonic
Mike Padgett and Kona (Alternate)

16 inches

Stacy Bols and Krusher
Maureen Waldron and Michael – Silver Medal Biathlon
Jen Pnder and Britain (unable to compete due to injury)
Jenn Crank and Kaboo
Jennifer Thomas and Rodeo
Giuliana Lund and Zuri (replaced Jen and Britain)

22 inches

Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy – Bronze Medal Individual Standard
Paulena-Renee Simpson and Graphite
Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble
Lisa Kucharski and Finesse (unable to compete due to illness)
Kate Moureaux and Smart
Stacy Peardot-Goudy and Sobe (replaced Lisa and Finesse)

26 inches

Lori Michaels and Solei – Bronze Medal Individual Standard
Desiree Snelleman and Pace – Gold Medal Indvidual Jumpers, Biathlon
Terry Smorch and Presto – Silver Medal All Around
Ashley Anderson and Psi
Jenn Crank and Sonic
Jamie Herren and Zip (Alternate)