Like any other amateur athlete, to make it to the top of the field and represent the USA in sport requires hard work, dedication and training. Two of most prestigious international events are the IFCS World Agility Championships and the Cynosport World Games. USACS supports participation by athletes in international competitions.

October 31 – November 4,  2018. Cynosport World Games, Scottsdale, Arizona.cynosport-logo
Hosted by the United States Dog Agility Association, this world-class, premier event boasts 4 separate tournaments in two distinct programs, with qualifying and regional championship events held around the world. Regional championships in Canada, Central America, Japan, and Spain have become an integral part of USDAA’s flagship event at which U.S. competitors may compete. 

The Cynosport World Games is recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious canine sporting events in the world.  The event typically attracts an average of one-thousand competitors from a dozen or more countries.  The five-plus day event also features a variety of canine sports including dock diving, lure coursing, flyball, disc dog and more.

IFCS LogoApril 10-14, 2019. IFCS World Agility Championships, in Hellendoorn, The Netherlands at the Manege Hellendoorn. Hosted by the Federatie Hondensport Nederland.

This event typically attracts in excess of 200 competitors from more than 15 different countries annually. Any country is eligible to participate. There are four different jump height divisions: Toy, Mini, Midi and Maxi and up to five team members can be selected in each height. Competitors compete in both individual and team classes.

Each participating country determines the selection process for team members to represent their country.

Team USA Selection Process for 2019 IFCS Championships


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