Team USA – 2015

April 8-12, 2015, Voghera, Italy

2015 Team USA in Voghera, Italy

12 inches

Andy Mueller and Crackers – Andy & Crackers
Janet Dunn and Torment – Janet & Torrey
Monique Plinck and Tiki – Monique & Tiki
Linda Womer and Sonic – Linda-Sonic
Courtney Keys and Francine – Courtney & Fran
Linda Womer and Frenzi (Alternate)
Daneen Fox and Masher (withdrawn due to injury) – Daneen & Masher

16 inches

Marcy Mantell and Stripe – Marcy and Stripe
Mike Padgett and Elsie – Mike & Elsie
Abigail Beasley and Dreamer – Abigail & Dreamer
Tracy Sklenar and Export – Tracy & Export
Giuliana Lund and Zuri – Giuliana & Zuri
Keith Highley and Cisco (Alternate) – Keith & Cisco

22 inches

Dave Grubel and Boca – Dave & Boca
Stacy Peardot-Goudy and SoBe – Stacy & SoBe
Jeannine Doepke and Jill – Jeannine & Jill
Laurie Zurborg and Gem – Laurie & Gem
Cynthia Horner and Spice – Cynthia and Spice
Greg Fontaine and Spice (withdrawn due to injury) – Greg & Spice

26 inches

Deanna Fairchild and Jude – Deanna & Jude
Elicia Calhoun and Tobie – Elicia & Tobie
Dudley Fontaine and Bird –Dudley & Bird
Jody Lolich and Skillz – Jody & Skillz
Desiree Snelleman and Pace – Desiree & Pace
Jessica Ajoux and Fame(US) (Alternate) – Jessica & Fame(US)

2015 Team Coach – Rachel Sanders


Andy and Crackers – 2nd Biathlon Jumpers; 1st Individual Agility; 2nd Individual Jumping; 5th Individual Gamblers; 4th Individual Snooker; 2nd All Around (combined score from 4 events).

Courtney and Francine – 4th Biathlon Standard.
Janet and Torrey – 5th Individual Agility.
Marcy and Stripe – 1st Biathlon Jumping, 1st Jumping Triathlon.
Tracy and Export – 3rd Individual Agility.
Mike and Elsie – 5th Individual Agility; 5th Individual Gamblers.
Dave and Boca – 2nd All Around (combined score from 4 events).
Cynthia and Spice – 4th All Around (combined score from 4 events).
Jody and Skillz – 3rd Biathlon Jumping; 5 Biathlon Agility; 3rd Biathlon (combined).
Elicia and Tobie – 4th Individual Agility.
Dudley and Bird – 5th Individual Jumping.
Desiree and Pace – 5th All Around (combined score from 4 events).

Team USA 2 – Silver Triathlon (team event).

Team USA 3 – Silver Triathlon (team event).